Roger Øyen

Filmmaker & Photographer

Roger Oyen


Roger is currently working as a filmmaker in Oslo, Norway and is always looking for the next challenge.

Having international experience and a working knowledge of the production process he is able to produce high quality work and able to demonstrate his creative flair well.

As a filmmaker, Roger has displayed a consistent level in the attention to detail and in meeting tight deadlines through multiple clients and companies. The tasks he had to demonstrate these skills and disciplines include long and short form commercial projects in the mediums ranging from documentary films and series’ to reality television.

Roger lives and breathes the wonders of cinema, he never hesitates to learn and expand his knowledge of the production process.


Roger is a trustworthy editor, always on time and delievers in every way. He is inventive and fun to work with.
— Anne Berit Vestby
He is professional and great to work with. He was also responsive to our wishes and ideas, and good at keeping deadlines. Thanks for good cooperation.
— Lynetta T. Hansen
Roger proved himself to be professional with all levels of equipment used with Video and Film production. Roger became a leader in his field providing guidance to other students learning cinematography.
— Steve Guttormsen


LatterTV / Stand Up Norge


Nordisk Film & Television

Monster Entertainment



Strix Television

Subrosa Film

Espresso Essential


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