Filmmaker & Photographer

Roger is currently working as a filmmaker in Oslo, Norway and is always looking for the next challenge.



Since 2008 I have photographed people of all ages and for different purposes. My «specialty» is portrait and cityscapes. I have a great passion for telling stories with pictures and love to capture the little details as well as «the bigger picture».

I also find it super exciting to photograph both small and large businesses to make their online presence, branding and marketing personal and awesome.

Photo retouching


Simple image retouching can do a lot! It can easily remove any blemishes, smoothen out the skin tones or remove any unwanted marks on a face.

I use Adobe Photoshop for this process and I would say that it is important to do this on most portraits to bring out your best features, but it’s equally important not to over do it.




Seeing the world from above is a metamorphic experience. A leafless tree becomes a spider web, a circus transforms into a box of sweets, while a harvest field simplifies into slashes of flaxen and gold. Rarely do we get the opportunity to turn our perspective upside down but we now have that technology at our fingertips. If you are interested in taking the next step for your production then drone photography would do exactly that!



If you’ve spent months planning and organizing an event it seems a shame not to document it! I’ve filmed many event videos ranging from theatre and concerts to launch parties. 

I can capture the vibe of your event and produce a film summarizing the event or highlight a specific part where necessary. This can be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube and shared through your social media channels to gain more publicity around your event!

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Back in the 80s it may have been enough for you to release a song with no visuals, your song may have then touched the hearts of many who would grow to love your music and you as an artist.

In this day and age you NEED a music video to accompany your song, whether it’s a professional video or you’re singing your heart into your webcam, a visual aid will definitely boost your chances of capturing new fans tenfold. When’s the last time you downloaded a mixtape or bought an album from an artist you didn’t know?

Let me help you get the boost that you need!

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As a video editor I'll be responsible for assembling recorded raw material into a finished product that's suitable for online publishing, broadcasting or a screening. The material may include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects etc.

This is a key role in the post-production process and it can elevate the production to new heights.



Shoot well-crafted footage of the world around you, or "mine" your hard drives for footage. Be creative, resourceful, and passionate. Upload your footage to my ftp server or send me the drives, and I'll get it to all major stock agencies for you with all the required metadata. This frees up more of your time for creating. Every time your clips sell, you get paid. For years. The bigger your portfolio, the more you make... and it's all on on autopilot.